The Poupée Sabotage

Kids are the perfect sabotage to every grown-up mess, especially effective against seriousness, pretence, boredom and uneventful wardrobes.

The Poupée couture is designed as an antidote to unoriginality, rebelling against fast copy-paste fashion and turning a kid’s conventional wardrobe into a theater dressing room.

The Poupée Id

Dress-up like nobody’s watching.


Every moment, now, now and now.


Democracy of United Wonderlands.


50% fabric, 50% laughter.


50% avant-garde, 50% démodé.


Cotton (candy), pure wool, sunshine, silk.


Dreamy, strike-a-pose proof and too-cool-for-school.


Stardust glitter, removable elements, embroidery.


Poupée is the brainchild of designer and creative director Christina Mathea, a young mother from Greece with a theatrical background in costume design. Christina’s signature inspiration stems from extravaganza, humor and contrasts. Her diverse designs are whimsical and artful, playing around with the element of surprise (the way children do; constantly moving, constantly creating, constantly improvising). Each piece is love-made, full of energy, poetry and ha-ha-ha’s, pretty eventful and at the same time adaptable to a laid-back lifestyle.

Each Poupée collection introduces complete outfits, build-up around insightful scenarios inspired by childhood memories either real or make-believe. TIP: Handle with care, imagination and extra LOLs.


The Poupée Kids Manual


When you play a game follow the rules but only from A to B and then make your own from C to Z and then skip A to B altogether as well.


Dress-up like you are about to land on Mars. Disclaimer for Martians: Retrograde is passé, try Poupée’s New Retro style.


If you spill vanilla ice-cream on your shirt give your mom a kiss. For chocolate flavor give her three.


Each time Mr. Boogieman hides in the closet to eat your shocks try to rename him (why not give him a sillier, kookier name, like Mr. Lalaboom?) to make him immediately understand who is in charge. Hint; you.


It’s OK to change the name of your puppy five times a day.


It is also OK to pretend it’s your birthday every Sunday afternoon.


Sugar is very bad for your teeth but you are free to tell your friends that you live inside a giant neon-orange cupcake that matches your wardrobe. Spice it up by saying you bubble-bath in chocolate milk.


Yes, a magic wand is a legit accessorizing item.