Autochrome Plage

-Maman? Can we go dive now, s’il vous plaît?
-It depends on the time, les enfants. Is it the 30’s yet?

I feel sea-chic! Moi aussi!

How to make believe La Plage Autochrome. First, the Autochrome part. Method: Hold your breath and dive deep into the 1900’s, when regular clothes served as swimsuits, kids were typically dressed as sailors and photographs looked picture-perfect thanks to the novelty dreamy colors. Now, La Plage part. If you don’t have a beach ready, simply make one in your head. (You don’t have to actually visit the beach –or join the French navy– to dress the part. All it takes for this time & space traveling game is to know the password. (Hint: the lyrics of “il était un petit navire”).

Emerging hues: for the girls, barely-there pinks, bright reds, calming blues. For the boys, washed-out blues, sandy whites and bold red stripes. The collection is decorated with nautical elements, divers and lifesavers.

Speaking of lifesavers, nobody wants to see the sea play hide and seek, right?
Alors, most of La Plage Autochrome collection fabrics are biosustainable.
C’est formidable, non? Mais, oui!